Tuesday, 19 April 2016


Sometimes people offend me and I just wish before they turn from my presence fire should consume them or something else should happen to them. Sometimes I even tell God, you’ve seen what this person had done, don’t let him go unpunished.

We know we carry power, a spirit that can do and undo, but Jesus gave us a classification of the spirit we carry – one that saves not one that kills.

 When you ask God to destroy someone who offends you, you don’t know what you are doing to the person and you don’t know the implication of what you’ve said on the kingdom, that might be a potential believer, you just delete the hope of such repenting.

And you now know why God seem not to answer such prayers? Because he hasn’t come to destroy men’s lives but to save them. Your judgement should be- Forgive them for they don’t know what they do.


The bible never recorded that Ruth was an orphan, she probably had her own family or people. So when her husband died, she should have just stayed alone or gone back to her father’s house.

But she decided to stay with Naomi in thick and thin, she wasn’t thinking of an option for herself, maybe she had thought within her – oh! See this old woman, no son, no husband and now she is asking the daughters-in-law to go away, how will she survive? That was selfless sacrifice of love.

That alone changed her story, she was blessed more than before and of course she kept her promise towards Naomi. God loves sacrificial love, that was what he gave us as a father, we are to give back to him and our neighbours [ love God and love your neighbour as thyself].


How bad it is when man who can’t even  save his own life lives and act like there is no God.
God never stop helping man, be it good one or bad but man still feels there are lot of things he can do for himself without God.

Imagine this: a friend came to you for a huge sum of  money and  told you places he’s gone to but no one was ready to help, you thought within you, “after all he’s my friend, let me help”. After a week, it was a normal friends gathering, you and your friend with other friends, “I finally completed my project after so much effort in raising the money, well I alone knows what I went through to get that money, no one helped…”

Those words are hurting to a faithful friend like you, your ego will tell you, man, you don’t deserve that. Even though you gave the money with no motive of holding him indebted, those words of his will really hit you hard.

When someone has done  you good, don’t forget to mention but when God has done you good, don’t stop mentioning. God won’t hesitate to always help those who will brag of his deeds any day any time.

Your testimonies are not just to bless God, it is also a good tool to overcome the devil and strengthen other brethren.

NEVER FORGET: In your STORY, GOD is the owner of the GLORY.

Monday, 18 April 2016


Don’t withhold any great thing in your hand from those who are in need of it.
In a program I watched  today, the presenter showed her concern on a sick student carried to a federal hospital, on getting there, they were asked  to bring over 40,000 naira before they could commence treatment on her, the girl keep saying she’s dying.

The full story is not our interest, at that moment the girl needed health, it is in the hand of a doctor  to help, even though the standard is to pay before treatment but still they could have given her a “rescuing” kind of treatment just to save her at that point.

We all hear about orphans on the street and  in orphanage homes, have we ever taken a step to help with whatever we have?
            “But I don’t have money?” but you have time. “But I have no time?” you can pay those who do.

I saw a picture today as well, of  a woman/lady who saw a malnuttitous  baby, looking so skinny, dark, dirty and hopeless, she bent down, gave her water to drink and the picture shows her and the child after one year, the child is full of life with a beautiful smile on her face.

What would have become of that little girl if no one took her and cared for her?
Help someone today, tomorrow and every day.

NOTE: there is always something you have that others lack badly. Don’t postpone the good that can be done today till tomorrow.


In those days, when the architecture of the Lord’s house is given, have you ever thought why there was always some precious stones, the images of cherubim? 
I was just studying 2 chronicles chapter 3 then Luke 19:40 came to my mind. It therefore occur to me that if the people refused or failed to praise God, to cry out hosanna , those stones and cherubim that seem lifeless will sing out in place of them.

How possible is this? As possible as it was to give life to a lifeless and empty molded clay in Genesis 2:7.


No wonder we decree and it doesn’t come to past, we command and it’s of no effect, we pray and don’t hear God. We open our eyes and in our presence the enemy is having the final say. We now live in fear of “what if” towards the devil and different things. 

All these and many more happen because we’ve been stained. It is indeed true that God’s eyes cannot behold iniquity.

Joshua started well and God was really winning all of his battles for him, Israel had courage to face great nations and they conquered, God was on their side as they were on his side. God found a place to dwell in their midst.

But sin came into the picture, the same set of people whose enemies run from, now run from their enemies. The Lord stopped going with them because there is an accursed thing in their midst.